SmartWare Backups Disabled Automatically


Bought WD EX4100 in the beginning od OCT 2016
Installed SmartWare on 10+ PCs
Set backup Schedules on smartware and ENABLED them

Problem: After about a month 80% of the systems backups were DISABLED.

Question 1: I tried to activate the Smartware but it only allows me to activate 10 PCs. Could this be the reason why?

Question 2: I was to the understanding that I could install smartware on all the machines cause I bought the WD Ex4100 24TB NAS. Why can’t I install on more than 10 machines?


WD Smartware Premium license is valid for 10 computers. If you want to add more than 10 you will need another license.

I think I may be confused but I remember the conversation I had with a WD
Sales Rep that I would be about to install SmartWare on all my work PCs
(about 10-15).

My main question still hasn’t been answered.

Why does the SmartWare disable the Backup?
Can it do that?
Is it a result of the activation to PRO?

Michael Connors BA.CS.

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