Smartware Backup from Mac

I’ve had my MyCloud for several years now and it has served us well. We use it to routinely backup our ‘pictures and videos’ external hard drive. This was previously done by a PC using WD Smartware and worked great (monthly backups of the hard drive connected to the PC to the MyCloud). The PC has recently been replaced by a MacBook Pro and here’s where the problem starts.

We still have the external hard drive with all of our pictures/videos (was formatted appropriately so we can use it on the Mac as well). But the WD Smartware on my Mac can’t see the MyCloud as a target for backup. I can connect to the MyCloud in Finder on the network, and connect to the MyCloud remotely via the app from my Mac. Any help would be appreciated.

The OS X for Mac has its own built in backup called Time Machine that can be used to backup a Mac to the My Cloud. It appears the WD Smartware for Mac is only for the My Passport Ultra Metal and possilbly other external hard drives (not the My Cloud) per the WD Smartware Release Notes for Mac:

For more information on how to use the Apple Time Machine, see the following link(s):

Thanks Bennor, that’s what I was gathering but hadn’t seen it black and white until now. I will give it a shot, and hopefully backing up my mac and external hdd to MyCloud via TimeMachine is as efficient as our previous method.