Smartware - Backup files not visible


I installed Smartware and made a backup as the PC needed a factory reset.

After the factory reset My Book wanted me to install Smartware again as I did and also made a new backup.

Now I cant find my important files from the first backup with the Smartware and I don´t find any other way

to see the files either.

Why isn´t it possible to see the files with Smartware? I have not deleted them and it sounds really strange that the backup is deleted just because I happened to install the Smartware program twice…

I don´t know how Smartware recognize different PCs but I changed the computername and still it only finds the second backup.

If you uninstall Smartware will it also uninstall the backed up files?

Ho do I recover the files and documents?

Opening WD SmartWare.swstor I can see that the first backup IS there!

Ok, and I saw that the name of the PC before reset was like I thought but also ended with “-PC”.

I hope it works after changing the name again

You can copy out the content of the .swstor folder. The files are not encrypted.


Ok! I changed the name of the PC which solved the problem. It was possible to see the first backup in Smartware - retrieving.