SmartWare backs up changed/new files but did not copy initially files. How to restart?

Searched everywhere and can’t find an answer to this.  I hope someone has seen this before.

I’m backing up a PC (Win7) to MyBook Live via SmartWare.  I’m also backing up a macbook via timemachine and this got in a twist so I had to stop all backups and using the MyBook Live dashboard I deleted the original backups.  When I re-setup timemachine it copied over the initial 30Gb of data and continued to backup as expected.  When I re-started the PC it seems to assume the initial data is already backed up so is only backing up new or changed files.

How do I tell SmartWare that the backup is not complete?  Or how do I properly create a new backup?



Well, uninstalling and reinstalling SmartWare should solve this… See the link below for info on how to uninstall this app:

And install the latest version of the soft… :

Start a the backup and you’re ready to go…

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Thanks.  That seems to have done it.

You’re welcome! :).