Smartware and update to handle 10.12

My Book is struggling to cope with 10.12 and so joined the WDC to find out why.
I now see that ver isn’t capable of handling 10.12.
When is this likely to be updated so I can use My Book?

There are no software updates available for WD SmartWare for Mac beyond version 1.3.7.

WD SmartWare is independent from your WD My Book; this means updating the app itself may not address the issue you may be experiencing depending on what the issue is.

How exactly is your unit “struggling to cope” with your system? Is it slow? Does it disconnect? Does it fail to grant file access?

Firstly I tried using it with Time machine, but that didn’t work so now it runs independently.
At the moment it now appears to work ok as I found a firmware update which I down loaded. It used to struggle to run in auto mode and most mornings my mac would be dead or speaker system at full volume, really weird. That has stopped now as I run it to sleep after 90 minutes. I will try it back on auto now and see what happens.
Cheers G.

It appeared to work ok for a day or so. Then My Book to be constantly running blue light on all the time even when mac was asleep. Starting working on Mac and it doesn’t change. Also Mac locked up again this morning at the same time. Clearly something clashing. Smartware does show My book either.
I disconnected it and repowered.
Unlocked it and it started to work as normal.
What can you suggest

My Book appears to be running better through a non powered hub.

Finally, I seem to be achieving a backup. But when you look at these screen shots there doesn’t seem to be much sense.

Going into retrieve I have a backup for today but not convinced.

These shots were taken 10 minutes apart


Gerard Western

my book drive has now confirmed as failed so order a new wd my cloud