Smartware and Sync Speed

I deleted the Smartware from my computer and now I cannot re-install it.  The installer crashes.

And …

When my wife drops a file in the mycloud’ folder on her work computer, how quickly will the file sync to our computer at home. With Dropbox, it’s almost immediate.


Make sure Smartware is completely unisntalled from the computer and then try to install it again.

Take a look at this link for more information.

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Thanks a bunch Hamlet.  Your answer was right on but unfortunately I still have the problem. I had removed the program via the winows/uninstall feature but am still not able to reinstall Smartware.  Might now be a moot point though. I’m wipeing my disk and installing Winows 8 so that our computers at home and my wife’s work computer are all running the same OS.