SmartWare a nuisance

SmartWare has been a disaster. First, updates caused driver conflicts that blocked internet access. I had to remove the updates repeatedly. The last attempt brought on a catastrophic system failure  that took days to resolve. (SmartWare was the occasion, not the cause.) Now that I am using ShadowProtect for backups, the need to unlock the Passport drive repeatedly is a time-wasting nuisance. 

The unlock program amounts to redundant security. Is there any way to eliminate it?

Hi there!!

You can remove it from your computer by uninstalling Smartware.

On the other hand, if you want ShadowProtect to be able to backup your files without having to unlock the drive then remove the security. Have Smartware working, go to settings> drive settings (Set up drive)> security> remove security and after the security is removed then uninstall Smartware from your computer.

Thank you.