SmartWare 2.4.6 - problems with password-protected shares

Common Problems with Password-Protected Backup Shares

I set a password for the built-in SmartWare share on my MyBookLive, which is not password-protected by default. This caused me a problem in running the backup, and also in restoring from that backup. I provide solutions to both here.

Fails to backup to password-protected share. When I password-protected the backup share, the backup failed until I saw that the SmartWare error stating a password was required. The backup was previously enabled when I provided the creds, and because of that, the backup continued getting the same error until I disabled and then re-enabled the backup.  [I would call this a bug. I would suggest that when a password is entered in SmartWare for a share, that the password should become effective even for active backup jobs.]

No Backed Up Volumes to Retrieve From. Once the backup had completed, I tried to do a restore, but the protected share didn’t show in the list of backed up volumes. I was able to get that to show by temporarily disabling password-protection on the share. Once I saw my backup share in the list of backed up volumes, I then re-enabled password protection on the share. I was then able to restore a file from the password-protected share. [I would call this a bug. In the same way that SmartWare detects when a password is required, that a backup share is password-protected shouldn’t prevent it from being able to detect and present that volume as a restore source.]

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