SmartWare 2.0.1 does not recognize drive

 Smartware does not recognize my Western Digital 1TB MyBookLive disk, connected

by ethernet to my Cisco EPC 3925 router. My laptop, Toshiba Satelllite L755D - 14X is connected

to the EPC3925 with a wireless connection.

Smarware does not recognize the drive until I do one of:

 * Run MyNetView . which finds the drive

 * or I ask Windows 7 to create the complete network map

I can map the  drive

I can connect to it.

The only problem is that by itself, Smartware is not able to connect to the drive, and presumably it doesn’t

backup any files either.

The computer is running Window 7 (64 bit), disabling the firewall does not have any effect.

AntiVirus software is microsoft security essentials.


 WD SmartWare 2.0.1

 System.Data.SQLite Interop Assembly

 WD Activation                               

 WD Backup engine                       

 WD Backup Library                       

 WD Collecctions (32-bit)               

 WD Collecctions (64-bit)               

 WD ContextMenu Handler            

 WD Drive Service                          

 WD Drive Utilities                          

 WD Encrypt                                   

 WD Exception                               

 WD File Watcher                           

 WD IO (32-bit)                               

 WD IO (64-bit)                               

 WD Locale                                     

 WD Network                                  

 WD Quick Drive Format                

 WD Quick View                             

 WD Registry                                  

 WD SmartWare Controls               

 WD SmartWare Themes               

 WD SmartWare                             

 WD SQLite                                    

 WD Transport Dropbox                 

 WD Transport Win32                     

 WD Transport                                

 WD Update UI                               

 WD Utilities                                    

 WD UUID Resolver                       

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Make sure UPnP is enabled in the computer and router.

Check your security and firewall software to verify the drive is not getting blocked by any of them

UPnP enabled on router and computer

Firewall disabled on router and computer

Smartware upgraded to 2.1.0

Smartware does not recognize drive, until I use Windows to create the complete network map.