Smartware do not install


I have problem installing WD Smartware It is not a crash as sees below it is just that the installer seems to work properly, it finish sayaing “terminé” but in fact when I look at what it is doing it create the wd smartware sub directory in c:\programmes files\western digital… but just before the end of the install it delete everything

I am in windows 7-32bits with .NET Framework 4.0

The firmware of my passport is in 2.003

The previous version of Smartware works

I have tried everything

Reinstall Framework, verify that all the functions are enabled desinstall smartware then reboot the reinstall all that many times.

The Smartware installer always says that the install is terminated without any error message but it destroy the install just before the end

May I have some help

Many thanks

I’m sorry didn’t see there xas already a long topic on the subject