Smart ware on Mac not showing MyBook Live

I just went out and bought myself a new macbook pro and another wd passport. i have installed smartware on the mac with no issues. the passport shows up and works fine, however, the mybook isnt showing up on smartware on the mac, its listed as one of the connected devices on my pc… yes i have ensured all security settings are correct… i have used the mybook before smartware was installed. Since i got my iphone, i havent been able to use the mybook with the mac or the pc… :frowning:

i know i was rambling, but someone pls tell me you understood what im saying… 

Quoting myself from another thread:

ThePizzaMatrix wrote:

The user manual clearly says Smartware doesn’t work with the MBL on OSX.

Using the MBL with Smartware is a Windows-only feature.

so what do you use for macs?

Time Machine, or any other software you like, or just nothing since you can manually add files to the NAS.