Smart TVs now show My Book Live as empty

I did some network changes, such as changing the Roku and the smart tv to connect wia ethernet instead of wifi (my microwave, when in use, intereferes with wifi signal).

Now both my smart tv says the DNLA server is empty. I can access the external hard drive (My Book Live Twonky) just fine through the pc and all my files are there. I have the external hard drive connected into the router via ethernet and everything was able to access it prior to my wanting to hard connect. I reversed the hard connect and the external hard drive continues to show up empty on the smart tvs only.


Through the My Book Live hub, click on the MEDIA tab.
Twonky Services should be ENABLED
Click on STATUS
Click on REBUILD

this brought back all my files! Woot woot woot!!!

I had the same problem with MyBookLive, not being able to see all the files on my Smart TV via the DLNA media server, whereas via file share on my PC, it worked all right. I did the following:

  1. First, on your Windows PC, connected to MyBookLive via WiFi, I went to My Computer, and opened the MyBookLive icon. This way, I was accessing MyBookLive via the media server, rather than via file share, which I do normally. The media server folders demonstrated the same problem. Some folders were empty, even though I was sure they contained pictures, mp3s or movies. The result was that there is something wrong with MyBookLive, rather than with the client devices.

  2. I open the MyBookLive web interface. First, I went to Shares, I checked that the specific folder is the media service on. I was also on doubts whether I need to set a public access to it. In fact, I don’t. There can be even no access set to the folder, and yet, if the media serivce is set to on, it is still accessible.

  3. I went to Settings -> Media, making sure that Media screening is on.

  4. I checked the Status, namely the number of indexed files. Here it was. The number of indexed files was significantly slower than it should be.

  5. The Rescan did not help. The Rebuild was sligtly better, but as soon as I accessed the NAS, it stopped indexing.

  6. So the fix is the following. Open the file share (//mybooklive on your pc), go to properties of particular folders, and check the number of files. In my case, it is 75000 pictures, for example. Next, Rebuild the db, and don’t touch anything. Stay on the screen. In my case, it took about an hour, and I could see how the number of indexed files grows to 75000.

Afterwards, I was able to see my files via the DLNA media server.