Smart TV suddenly stopped recognising MyCloud

Hello guys,

I have a MyCloud since several years back, and for years it has been working well streaming directly to my Samsung Smart TV. And I was streaming directly to the TV, where the MyCloud would come up as an input, so I was not using Plex or anything like that.

A few months back the TV stopped recognising the MyCloud. My computer still recognises and I can access files, and download. But my TV will not find the MyCloud anymore.

Worth noting is that I have been using a pretty good Technicolor TG799 XTREAM that my service provider has given me. I bought another router a few months back a
TP-Link Archer - C1200, and as soon as I connected it and had DLNA active on both the MyCloud and the router I could access the MyCloud again from my TV and watch movies happily.

I have noticed that the TP-Link router is not as good as the Technicolor and therefore I wanted to try to connect the old router again, and when I connect it again it is the same. I have DLNA active on both devices, and Media Streaming is active in the MyCloud. I have been using the exact same settings for the TP-Link where it works, but for some reason it won’t work with the Technicolor.

Does anyone have any idea what I could do so the Samsung TV finds the MyCloud through the Technicolor? Worth noting that I had the Technicolor exchanged thinking it could be hardware failure, but it is the exact same thing. I remember when it first stopped working during spring that when I would reconnect everything the TV would find the MyCloud through the Technicolor, but it would then again stop recognising the MyCloud after an hour and I could not find it in the input list on my TV.

Sorry for the long message, and thank you for your time and hope someone can help as my service provider keeps giving me the same stupid answer…’‘we are not responsible for external hardware to be working on our service, bla bla bla’’