Smart test failed but drive seems to be ok - Should I replace?

There appears to be nothing wrong with my computer expect an annoying problem where I can’t install windows 7 service pack 1. Whilst doing one of a million tests to try and sort that problem I did a hard drive test which failed with the result “Quick Test on drive 1 did not complete! Status code = 07” etc. It does say “smart status = pass”

Before that I did a chkdsk which showed up only 4 kb in bad sectors. I also checked it with advance system care and that seemed ok.

The drive is not making a funny noise and there is no erratic behavour from the PC so should I change the hard drive on the strength of the lifeguard diagnostic test ?

I would immediately look to replace the disk if I were you. Disks in that kind of condition are likely to fail.

Dude backup and replace the unit as soon as possible.