SMART quick test fail

I recently started getting errors in my 500 gb hdd , DLGDIAG -quick test is failing with following message popup

quick test on drive 2 did not complete
status code=04 failure checkpoint =00
smart selt test did not complete on drive 2

where AS EXTENDED test are showing PASS status.

i ran chkdsk but not error is shown in this hard drive .

I need help what is exactly the problem with this hdd.
any help wud be sincerely appreciated.


Are you able to test the drive with a different set of cables? If yes, please try that just to make sure that is not a connection issue.

Although short test sounds really brief it actually might test much more aspects of the disk (depending on manufacturer) such as (read performance, buffer RAM test, a read/write circuitry test, or head elements test).
Whereas the extended test usually focus on drive surface.
My suggestion, after testing per @ERmorel advice, is to contact WD support and RMA the drive.
Further info at: