SMART Load/Unload Count (Actual Number, Not Raw Value)

Hello everyone.

I’m looking for a SMART reporting tool that will show me the actual number of load/unload cycles for my Western Digital green and red HDDs.

Right now I’m using CrystalDiskInfo to view SMART stats, and it only shows the Raw Value for the load/unload cycle, which I don’t understand.

Can someone tell me which SMART reporting tool will translate the load/unload raw value into the actual number of load/unload cycles that the drive has performed?

Does anyone know how to interpret the raw value for the SMART load/unload cycle count?

What does a load/unload cycle Raw Value of 00000000B996 mean?

thank you


WD does not have an application that will report the number of load/unload cycles. Lets see what other users can recommend.

You may also take a look at this thread. Hope it helps.

Take a look at the screenshot in the first post of the thread you linked to.

That program shows a graph that shows actual numbers of load/unload cycles for a WD drive.

What program is that?

Alternatively, is there any way to decipher the meaning of the raw data for the C1 load/unload cycle value? (What does 0000000013D2 mean?)

The raw value is being reported in hexadecimal format. To convert the number to decimal, you could use Google’s calculator:

0xB996 = 47510

fzabkar, that was the magic answer.  Thanks for helping me out. :smiley: