I have recently purchased a 1 TB WD occasionally when the computer is booting up I get this error…S.M.A.R.T Status Bad, backup and rteplace, Press F1 to run setup.If I press F1 and the close the machine and reboot there is no error message and everything works as expected. Ran WD Drive utility error smart status failed
I have ran windows disk management, Hd Sentinel, WD diagnostics both long and short all find no errors, can anyone help
Thank you in advance

Show us the SMART report from CrystalDiskInfo.

check for a BIOS update for your machine and at the same time, scrape it up for a new hard disk

Thank you item has been replaced

Good to hear. Get the WD disk tools and try writing zero to the old disk sectors and see if that recovers the disk and eliminates errors. I have noticed it can recover disks.