Smart Encoding, Image Quality, Smoothing - undefined variables

Does anyone have any information on the three options:

  1. Smart Encoding
  2. Image Quality
  3. Smoothing

Smart Encoding has: off, basic, advanced - but what do these mean?

Image Quality ranges from 1 (low) to 9 (high) - what is the reason you would ever not choose 9?

Smoothing - ranges from 1-9, seems that a setting of 1 “Clear” is higher quality but more variable bit rate recording, versus 9 “Smooth” which I assume moves the VBR algorithm to less variable bit rate, and thus pushes the algorithm more towards CBR.

If you only have 4 cameras what settings would you use? I’m using the 4K cameras and have set all the settings to Max, i.e. 4K/20fps with Quality 9, Bit Rate 16Mbps, Smoothing 1, and Smart Encode to “Off” as it’s unclear what it does anyway.

I would love to hear from your experience and advice.

WD ReadyView Advanced User Manual.

This is the second time you have referred me to the manual. I have read all the manuals published. The questions I’m asking, like last time, are not answered in either the basic or advanced manuals. Referring me to the manual without stating what page the answer is on is frankly a bit lazy and not particularly customer friendly or helpful. If you went the extra mile to find the page you might also realize why I’m asking: because it’s not answered in the manual!