SMART complete/extensive destructive for data?


Few WDC 3.5 inch SATA III internal hdd’s (purchase date last 24 months) are populated to NAS device. The NAS device offers scheduling of SMART tests, easy (simple) or complete (extensive). If such tests scheduled they are carried out during the device normal operation. It means during the tests files can be open or locked by system (apps). Are these tests destructive for data stored on the drives?

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There should not be any problems running a lot of test, but smart test do not take that long to complete and take less time and do not use so much of the hard drive, but extensive test take longer to complete and are more demanding for the drive. It would be wise to do the extensive test every certain amount if time so you do not have to have the drive working harder than usual, normally S.M.A.R.T status is a good way to determine the drives health and if you see a easy test that gives problems then i recommend doing the extensive test. 

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Thanks. Yes, we used to carry out the short/quick test once a week and the complete one in significant bigger time distances. The question was rather if smart tests of any kind are destructive for data stored on the drive. Based on your answer I understand they don’t. Thanks!