SMART bad, remove and replace

I built a new PC and originally had a 1TB WD HDD in there. It lasted a day or two, and then I received a SMART bad status, remove and replace (more or less that text) upon startup on that HDD. Luckily I have a SSD that my OS runs on so I was still able to boot the PC up after removing the WD hdd. RMA’d it the next day.

Now I’ve received a new 1TB WD hdd (WD10EXEZ) and after only an hour or two received the same error. I’ve now removed this one. My SSD and everything else seems to be working great. Do I just have bad luck with these HDDs or could there be another issue? 

Thank you for any help.

Probably bad luck :frowning: Could you send link with smart of your disk ?

Unfortunately I can’t anymore. Since my initial tests and removal of the hard drive, I’ve tried using an external device (Apricorn) to connect the hard drive to another computer to run more tests, but the hard drive won’t even load or format and I can’t run tests on it.

Maybe something wrong with your case.You tried to run disk out case ?

Correct. I took the HDD out of the case and on another computer, used an Apricorn device to attach it externally to run more tests. I was not able to run any tests. The HDD would struggle to appear and couldn’t format and both HD Tune and the WD Diagnostics program would crash as soon as I tried loading the HDD into it to test.

could you please check the hdd in another computer the next time?

could be very bad luck or bad power supply for example