Smart attribute SPIN-UP TIME decreasing on a brand new WD30EZRX drive


I bought a WD30EZRX two weeks ago and I check the smart data every few days. What I noticed is that the SPIN-UP TIME is decreasing and changing every time i turn on my computer.

Here a pic:


As low as 143

Is it normal  to see that smart attribute decreasing so fast on a brand new drive? Also got a brand new caviar black and the smart attribute 176/176 is stable and doesn’t change evry time i turn on my pc.

EDIT: just shut off and turned on my pc again and the result is even lower now. It isn’t 156 anymore, but 149 now… as you see, it changes every time i turn on my pc, it’s weird…

Should i get worried or is it normal…?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Please install hard disk sentinel and keep it active in the background for a few days

 check status of the smart in there

I installed it and i’ll get back to you in a few days.

Still i tested two other DD (caviar black tho, not green) and the spin up time does not vary in there when i turn on my pc (I used HD-Tune and Crystal Disk info till now to check the smart infos).

As for this green i have, it varies. 156, i turn it off then on, 149, i do it again, i get 153, and as you can see, it did 143 before.

I already had to return a caviar black that went wrong after less than 6 months, so now i’m quite stressed over having to deal with bad DD for months before sending it to RMA in the end.

Thanks anyway, gonna give you more details in a few days thanks to HD Sentinel ^^

this is a great little app

you should keep using it :slight_smile:

FYI, the Load/Unload Cycle Count and Power-On Hours attributes indicate that your drive is parking its heads every 3 minutes.

As for the spin-up time, the raw value of the attribute is 0x23F0 (= 9200 decimal). I believe that’s telling you that the drive is taking 9.200 seconds to come ready. Spin-up time is the kind of attribute that you would expect to vary. It would depend on factors such as supply voltage (+12V) and ambient temperature. The latter would affect the viscosity of the fluid in the spindle bearing.

I would compare your results with other users:

fzabkar wrote:
FYI, the Load/Unload Cycle Count and Power-On Hours attributes indicate that your drive is parking its heads every 3 minutes.


Thank you for your reply. I didn’t see it so sorry but i just posted a new thread about the load/unload cycle counts that seems abnormal.


Here a link to the other thread:


It would be great if you can help me…


Thank in advance.



So here i am with this spin-up time problem that’s worrying me. It seems the smart value keep decreasing. So the time it gets to load when i turn on my pc keep increasing. Now it needs almost 10 seconds… and i think i’m going to pass it this coming week)

The HDD now always stay under 150 in smart value. A week before it showed 153/156 at least, now i am always between 148 and 143 always going downward and will be under 140 soon at this rate.

It’s still worrying me a lot.