Small Photo Resolution on WD TV Play

I’ve been running a DLNA server for a little while connecting to a Samsung SmartTV and Sony Blu Ray Players.  I decided to try using the WD TV Play for my other two sets so I ordered two.

Units arrived today, set up fine (using wired connection), Pandora setup fine and my DLNA Server is streaming music great.

HOWEVER, my 3264x2448 photos are showing as 160x120 pic’s center screen.  The thumbnails are actually bigger than the center screen photo.  Alternately, 768x1024 photo shows as huge on my 40" TV, much bigger than I would expect (I’ve set the playback to keep as original).

When I look at the photo info’, I get UPNP as source and 160x120 as resolution.


Thanks in advance

Your DLNA server is giving the WD the thumbnail instead of the full size version. Check your DLNA server’s settings.

If the DLNA server was only sending thumbnails, wouldn’t it do it for all pic’s? 

It seems only larger resolution pic’s are going through that way, and they don’t go through that way to other devices (Samsung SmartTV and Sony Blu Ray players).  I think the DLNA Server is solid.

The DLNA is a Seagate Central.  It seems more like the WD Play TV is downsizing larger pic’s coming in from DLNA.  Plugging the same group of photos into the WD Play TV using a USB stick drive, they play fine.

It’s really odd.

Do the smaller photos have EXIF thumbnails embedded?

It’s not visible in the View Info screen.  They do exist within the larger JPEG files on the DLNA server.

Now this is interesting…went into Photoshop and saved as a .TIFF and it came through fine, full 3264x2448.

Same with Non-Interlaced PNG and 32bit BMP.  All come through at 3264x2448, but they do not show a thumbnail.

Tried a different camera, taking the photos direct from the memory card and loading them onto the DLNA server (these are over the 4096 limit), and they converted to 160x120 also.

A USB drive plays fine, this is so very weird.

For now I’m going to use Irfan to convert to PNG as a work-around.  I’m waiting to hear back from WD Tech Support.

As it appears that the majority of devices embed 160x120 thumbnails in the exif data, isn’t it likely that this is where you are getting the small 160x120 picture.

Also as it only happens when viewing from the Seagate central and not when directly connected via usb it must have something to do with DLNA / Seagate.

What happens if you strip the exif data from your some of your photos. It may be that this is why the problem goes away when you change to tiff / png.

I suppose I could strip exif data off, but it’s odd that the pic’s themselves show fine off a USB stick, and that other DLNA renderers have no issues with the same content coming from the same server.

Why other users of the WD Play TV device don’t seem to experience similar issues is also perplexing.  The simplest thing for me appears to be the Irfan work-around until or if WD Tech Support comes up with something, given that I have two viewing areas that are running fine under my prior configuration, and the Irfan approach allows for another back-up of my photos anyway.

I was really only suggesting that as a test / troubleshooting method. By stripping off the exif data from the original file you may be able to pinpoint the problem.

Fair enough.