Small Music Mod

Unfortunately i am unable to edit this post of mine …  (wanted to update the download link … but i guess the thread is too old)

Here it is again…


You have done well in opening a new thread. Indeed, the original one is no longer active and/or accepting new posts.


Thanks for this mod.

I want to apply it to the default grid theme but without a modded firmware i can’t access to the theme.

Can you upload me the original grid theme or the grid theme already modded?

Thank you again

This “Music Playback Mini Theme” does not require “Modded Firmware”

Also, this Music Mod was done for older Firmware … the XML that controlled the " Music Playback" was


WD decided to “Change” things again with *New* Firmware … so now the " Music Playback" is controlled by


So, i will have to re-do the modification (because it won’t work with *New* WD Firmware) … :angry:

(but not now, it’s nearly midnight … i will do my best tomorrow and upload it … provided there are no surprises)

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thank you for the quick response.

I simply didn’t know how to apply it to the default theme.

Anyway i will wait for your new mod.

Another small question.

I’m using Jriver Media Server connected to WDTV Media Player (last firmware).

All flacs in my archive have a cover art of at least 720x720 attached to every single file, they look great on laptop but on wdtv they look like ugly low resolution pics. There’s a way to let wdtv show them at full resolution (in jriver all settings are to original without conversion)?

soulmirror wrote:I’m using Jriver Media Server connected to WDTV Media Player (last firmware).

All flacs in my archive have a cover art of at least 720x720 attached to every single file, they look great on laptop but on wdtv they look like ugly low resolution pics. There’s a way to let wdtv show them at full resolution (in jriver all settings are to original without conversion)?

could be a number of reasons …

the ablum, folder may require an Metadata info XML for the cover to display at a higher resolution

there may be a maximum resolution for coverart on the WDTV … and anything higher than that gets over-compressed

I presonally use either 300x300 or 350x350 and no higher …

lot’s a “what if’s”  … i will have a play around with it tomorrow, and post what i find

Ok, did the mod, tested on the WDTV Personal Edition and will work on the SMP latest Firmware 2.02.32

I just quickly did it (forgot it was Friday, got plans later tonight)

Quick Notes: did’nt get to experiment with different cover-art resolutions … so i went for broke and tried 1040x1040 @ 314KB

Looked ok to me ?  

Sample file/folder (dummy mp3, ID3 tagged, folder.jpg, song.jpg and xml metadata)±

Slight bug where the “Now Playing Progress Bar” finishes before the song does. (i know what’s happening, will fix it probably Sunday afternoon)     *FIXED*

Here’s the Mod Link and an actual Screen Capture taken on the WDTV (See Below : For Install Guide)

To install the theme, download the zip file to your PC, open your web browser (I don’t recommend using IE8 or 9, there have been issues), then type your WDTV’s IP address to open the Web UI. (To find the WDTV IP press: Setup > About )

Type in your password (the default is " admin"), click on the box next to “I accept” and then click on LOGIN, then click on “Appearance”, then click on “Browse” and navigate to where you saved the "" file, then click on “Open”.

Click on “Submit”, then once the Web UI finishes uploading the theme, on your WDTV press " Setup" on your remote, select " Appearance", then select " User Interface Themes", select " MusicModv2" then when prompted select " Apply theme".

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Thanks again, it works aside from the playing progress bar bug.

Still i can’t get high resolution artwork from the jriver server.

I tried connecting jriver directly to the Smart TV and the cover quality is a lot better.

I can’t use the smart tv as a player cause the interface is ugly, so i’m stuck with the WDTV low quality cover.

I’ll be happy if someone found a solution for the specific problem (i also searched on jriver forum with no answer)

Anyway i’ll wait for your fixed version.

Using a DLNA Media Server (J River) is probably the cause of the low res artwork … it’s probably displaying a “cached” image.

I’m using attached USB storage … and the artwork looks fine … sharp and detailed

I guess you could try a “Network Share” to see if it makes any difference (but, it probably won’t)

Ok i partially solved the problem thanks to another great guy on Jriver forum.

If someone has the same issue read this:

Jriver creates pre-generated thumbnails in three different dimensions.

The biggest one 400x400 and it looks accettable. The medium is 200x200 and is ugly. The smallest one is 120x120 and is unwatchable.

Turns out that if you select “present small artwork” it will show the smallest one. If you use normal DLNA shows 200x200. If you use DLNA Extra shows 400x400.

I’d all set in the right way and still getting the 200x200 instead of 400x400.

Then this guy told me to try activating PS3 Compatibility Mode and i don’t know why but it worked.

Now is 400x400, still not gorgeous as the original ones but i can live with that.

Now i have another little request for you  JoeySmyth .

Your mod is essential and pleasant to the eye, definitely a lot better than the original one.

Apart from solving the small bar bug, i’d like to have some more info of the song.

Something like this under the title:


Album (Year)


It is possible? Thank you again

Updated Link Above … Fixed Progress Play Bar, Replaced (Now Playing) Scroller with Song Name

As per your request (link below) : Added  Album, Artist and Genre Text & Variable.    “Year” is not possible.

this also includes the fixed Progress Play Bar and Scroller.


Thanks for the effort, but i actually meant just the tag not the actual text (artist: album: genre:).

Basically like the normal version but with the genre.

Anyway don’t worry if you can’t change it, it isn’t such a big deal (year was more important than genre).

Keep up your good work

i’ll let you tinker with it  (got other projects to work on)

just delete the code with $$ and replace the x=“650” @@ variables with x=“560”

zip the theme a root level - no compression … and you’re done

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hi joey,

nice modification of your excellent mini-mod that i still love and use. but on my hub the genre does not show up, i only have 2 “-” instead… just to let you know. you own a hub, too, don’t you? is it shown on yours?

_ “Genre” _ displays fine on the WDTV Live Hub

_ Check your ID3 Tags  and/or also Metadata XML _

(my Katy Perry sample 1 page back … “Rock” is the embedded ID3 Tag, but because i have a XML Metadata file, Genre field Pop … it displays “Pop”   :neutral_face:   hmmf go figure …

This one is displaying “Rock” from the XML … not “Metal” from the ID3

All my music has an XML … so i will have to delete them to see what happens. but don’t have the time to test it now.

maybe tomorrow.

Remember as well … all my stuff is LOCAL USB (not a big music fan, probably a whopping 1GB of music and that’s it):wink:

I don’t use Network or Media Shares which could probably be another spanner in the works.


No, please, i don’t want you to delete any of your files.
I have only local stored and well tagged music files, too. But i Don’t Have any xml’s, I Think This could be the reason…

quick one Joey, can I use this with your PM4 WD grid theme (latest firmware)?


Thanks Joey. I had been using your mod in the Mochi theme and it was honestly the risk of losing it was one of the key reasons I never got around to trying the Grid UI. I know I am late to the party, but I made a few tweaks I thought I’d share, 100% credit still goes to you for the geniusly simple structure of the original.

  1. Full frontal album cover, no tilted effect

  2. Removed the Artist and Album labels

  3. Traded Genre for Next Track (it’s blank above because I just grabbed one song)

  4. Tweaked all the text alignments

If anyone would like to use this version, I am happy to share: