Small Fonts are Hard to Read

Whoever chose the fonts for this forum must have been very young. To get a better perspective, they should stand about ten feet from their screen and try to read it. Perhaps then they might begin to realise that small fonts and tired eyes don’t mix.

Thanks for the input. The fonts are pretty much out-of-the-box and haven’t really been changed. To increase the size of the fonts would require changing the layout so the page doesn’t look crowded. We will keep this in mind on the next reskin.

Nevertheless, you can zoom the whole page, and increase the fonts size for you, personally. I’m posting an image showing how to do it in Chrome.

Simply enlarging the font size in the post body would help a lot, and might be an easier change to make. Other areas aren’t quite as bad, but post content requires me to squint and sometimes move closer to my monitor to read it.

I feel your pain about making changes though, being a web developer myself.

Thanks for understanding. I appreciate it.

I have worse vision than you (over 20 eye surgeries and complete vision loss in one eye) but all I do if I can;t read fonts is to bump web browser screen size up some from 100% depending on the conditions of browser used or PC used.

The worst part of viewing this site is the choice of baby blue font colors on white background; There’s NO contrast. BLACK fonts would be much better with less white space. (Actually. best screens to read are white fonts on black backgrounds; user configurable/or choice if possible.