Small Folder Icon on top of Thumbnail

When I am in the Thumbnail view and see all of the movie thumbnails, they all have a small folder icon in the middle.  How can I take that off?  Any ideas.  Thanks

You can’t.   Its POSITION right now is a known bug; but the icon is going to remain, I’m sure.

This bug has been there for MONTHS, no one knows if WD will ever fix it. Not displaying the icon when you have a folder.jpg file would be the obvious choice that everybody wants (don’t hold your breath for that though) but if they could at least move it back to the bottom right corner as it was before it would still be better.

I have the same problem.

As far I can see from your post, WD is not aware of this problem.

How we can send this request to programmers department.

They have to fix it, because is pity to have this ability and not use it.

Thank you.