Small Change Theme for linguaccia22

Hello everyone, could someone kindly change this theme that I use.±

should put the tables Photo, Music, Video, Services, Setup
as low as possible. So that the backgrounds are seen.
because as you can see in this photo is covered by the tables.

Also if you can adjust even a very uncomfortable that happens on this issue and that when I’m watching a movie and I turn off the WDTV does not make me shoot more from where I stopped the last time
and you can do something about it?

and one last thing that I would need if you can do, and can introduce the written seen in a file in a folder with more episodes?

making these three changes the theme will be heavier or should not be interfering with the stability of the theme?

I await your response then

With greetings from Italy


Hopefully, one of the guys that work with themes can help you with that.

if you can not do all three changes I requested not tell you care.


Please note that the WD Community, is a user to user Community. 

Themes are created by users for users.

Sorry mate, let’s see if any of the guys can help you with that.

excuse because use google translator can not understand very well what you’re saying.

I click on the star icon once someone helped me right?

I would appreciate also if you could just change the placement of the tiles on the home page.
so as to show the backgrounds when they are applied

We hope :smiley:

This is all i can do±

 Fare clic sulla stella Complimenti a dire grazie per utile post. Ed essere sicuri di tornare a fare clic sul pulsante ’ Accetta come soluzione ’ per il posto che ha risolto il problema . Questo può aiutare qualcun altro.

Thanks JoeySmyth have changed only the tiles?
I’ve made other changes?
thank you