Small Beginnings for a NOOB

Starting out with a small MyCloud

**_I am replying to my own start. I’m not sure if this is the right category to post in so please bear with me.

  • I bought it at Best Buy so finding the purchase date should be easy.
    I have little to no knowledge how a MyCloud works. It’s set up as a NAS according to WD setup video.
    I’ve had it for about a year this way. .
    It has tons of files on it already so I’ve done something right. Not sure what though.
    I’m viewing the WD videos and others explaining how these things work.
    Since I connected it to my network, my main desktop was compromised and had to replace it.
    I also have a recently purchased tablet, the desktop and tablet are both Windows 10.
    There is an Android cellphone also connected. It looks like it will log into it remotely. I can’t tell yet if it plays from it’s own files or if it’s actually playing remotely from the NAS. If I disconnect the NAS, that should answer this question?
    I’m currently learning how to map it as a computer drive. From what I see, it looks like I’ll need to map it as a drive on the tablet too. I can currently log in from a desktop icon on the desktop only.
    I’m looking to install a VPN in the router for security—obviously. That is another step outside of this post though.
    Because I’m new to this, I’m here to learn how this works. If there are any replies here,
    I could use useful step by step setups.
    How am I doing so far?_**

@FredR I have a tablet, Android Galaxy Tab A, use the My Cloud Mobile app, or if using a browser sign on at .

Have you already visited the Learning Center for more information and the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud?

See Support too.

Thank you cat0w,

Yes, I have the app on my Galaxy phone and it works with 4 digit code. An_OS3 app won’t work on an Android. I’m working on the videos both WD and other network videos on You Tube.
I did take a break as I’m becoming a grandfather at the moment. I’ll be back.