Slowest NAS ever

After being a big fan of WD products and buying several hdds from WD, I finally decided to splash out and get the sharespace as my NAS. I have never been more disappointed in my life with this horrible and deceitful product. After being promised speeds of up to 30MB/s I though transferring my 2TB of data across would be a breeze. Boy was I surprised when it took 5 whole days… From there it just got worse; stuttering video playback on my wireless media centre (which handles playback just fine off my laptop hdd), poor customer service when I rang and then I finally trawl through these forums and mammy others and found that this has been a long term issue with no real fix from WD. After wasting a further week of my life trying various patches and attempting to get the speed to something reasonable (I could only top 3.5 MB/s) I have had enough and will be returning this **bleep** expensive brick (if the bloody format ever finishes, currently 45% complete with 1001 minutes remaining… What a joke) tomorrow and never buying from WD again. WD should be ashamed by this poor excuse of a product and the way they have deceived people…

same problem and no problem-solving from wd support

I found mine in the bargain bin at a local office supply store. Even at the discounted price I bought it for I took it back after week or so and told the guy about my disappointment. He said they get a lot of that.

I have a QNap and Thecus now.


Yeh I got a QNAP Pro Turbo + NAS and it’s lightning fast, streams 1080p to my media player with no problems whatsoever, fast data transfer, all the software/mobile goodies you could want/need. The store I got my WD from told me they would send it directly back to wd with a complaint, maybe if more stores did that wd would do more about it.