Slowest drive I've ever owned. Is there a problem?

I have a 500GB Passport Essential SE.

Lets give an example.  I will copy a 500MB file over.  It starts out fast then just seems to stop.  Sometimes it will show its transferng at 50MB/S or most times it shows 6 or less KB/S  Or even if it starts at 50MB/S it drops to 11,5,3, after about a minute.  It often times gets to where it says there is only 30MB or LESS to transfer with 5 seconds left.  And I will sit another 15 minutes or more waiting for it to fnish those 30MB…

2 PC’s.  Windows 7 x64.  WD drive completely updated to latest firmware.  I’ve tried multipe USB ports on each PC I ca’t figure out what the issue is.  I hate using this thing.

You Passport drive is behaving like it is an Advanced Format drive that’s been formatted, but not realigned.  Did the drive behave like this from the time you bought it?  Or, did you reformat the drive, and then it started acting like this.  Check out the link below.