Slower Wireless Transfers to MBL than from MBL

Hello all,

I have noticed that file transfers to my MBL are slower than transfers in the opposite direction.  The MBL is connected directly to my 100mb router via ethernet cable.  I am transferring files wirelessly over wireless N (20 mHz channel width).  I am able to transfer large files to the MBL at ~7MB/s which seems to be pretty reasonable for wireless N, especially in an area with lots of wireless traffic.  However, when transferring the same file back the other direction from the MBL to my windows 7 laptop on WiFi I only get about 3.5 to 4 MB/s.  Is this to be expected or are there some wireless/networking settings that could be causing slower transfers in this direction?

Hello SecondN8ture, have you tried disabling any firewalls, that you might have enabled? 

Hard to tell, as it all depends on the hardware you have on your laptop, network, etc. All networs are different.

I would say the main issues after network is a combination of HD read/write speeds on MBL and the laptop

You will never get the speed on paper of the wireless standard.


Now, the MBL does not have any wireless capabilities. So if possible, do a wired test first with the client. If those are fine, it will eliminate the MBL. Next step, would be to test/troubleshoot your wifi network. 

Also like wireless, you will never get the speed on paper for 1gb. See this for actual gig speed:,2321-3.html. This also explains how different hardware besides the network components come into play. A bit outdated but still applies, if someone knows a newer doc out there, please do share.