Slow windows boot after using 4T drive for windows backup

Win 7, intel SSD boot drive, added WD blue 4T for backup use. usual boot speed with no problems until I ran windows backup onto the 4T drive. From then on very slow boot time in first windows screen. once OS loaded everything works well, no errors. If 4T drive partitioned into 2 2T drives and using one for windows backup, slow boot speed but not as bad. if 4T partitioned into 1T and 3T and using 1T for backup speed is almost what it was prior to install of 4T drive. No boot problems if I don’t have windows backup files on the HD. What gives, anyone?

Hi istein3,

Did you test the health of drive using Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool?

Data life passed it and I did a complete scan for bad sectors. No problems found.

A the drive has passed in Data Lifeguard Diagnosis test and have no bad sectors. I would suggest to contact WD Support.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Thanks, did that