Slow WiFi upload fast download. LAN fast in both directions

Been grappling with slow upload speed over wifi to my WD MyBook Live 2GB.

Current set up is Nighthawk R8000 X6 router. NAS is connected to this with new cat6 LAN cables.
WiFi on my Win10 laptop is running a built in wireless N card.

Copying from NAS to laptop over wifi is fast. Approx 6-10mbs.
Copying from laptop to NAS over wifi is slow. Approx 355kbs - 600kbs.

If I connect over LAN using cat6 cables speed is fast in both directions.

Things I have done already:

  • Tried another laptop - same result. This was an AC wireless adapter and fast upload, slow download.
  • Internet speed tests are fast (I’m on Gigabit internet 950mbs up and 450 down). So this is something on the internal network.
  • Factory reset router and checked speed at each point of making configuration changes such as QOS and WMM but nothing changed.
  • Switched out all LAN cables from cat 5e to cat6.
  • Get all firmware update to date on NAS, router, wireless adapter on laptop.
  • Transfer using FTP client and through standard mapped network drive in windows.

Any ideas where to start? Completely stumped now.

Hello speedissue,

How do you transfer files from your laptop to NAS using locally mapped share or from

Mapped share. Have also tried over ftp client to the share with filezilla. Same result.