Slow Web Interface

First, I want to thank everyone’s contributions to the forums.  I read through the forums for days before deciding on buying the My Book Live.  It was a great help and greatly affected my decision to go with WD.

So far, setting up the NAS has been a relative breeze.  There’s been a few kinks that I haven’t yet worked out with USERS and SHARES.  It’s showing up as a computer on the network on my laptop, but on my PC it’s showing up as a Network Storage device.

What’s bothering me however is the speed of the Web UI.  It’s very slow to save changes. Sometimes when I try to save I will get a network error, but when I click save again it will update (slowly).  Is this common?  I should say that my wireless transfer is 8MB/s wirelessly and 50MB/s wired.  These are sustained speeds.  I’m using a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH router.  I’m very pleased wih the setup, and tomorrow I have Cat6 cables coming in.  Currently I’m using Cat5e.  I’m hoping that this will give me a noticable boost in wired transfer rates.

Any help with the UI speed would be greatly appreciated.

On a side note, is it possible to use the NAS without installing the WD Quickview and SmartWare? Also, am I still able to manage the USERS and SHARES without using this software? Some of my computers are Macs and others PCs, so I will be figuring out my own backup solution software.

Thanks in advance!

No one has any ideas as to why the web interface might be slow? :cry:

Out of curiosity…  If your MyBook Live is getting it’s IP details by DHCP, try set a static IP on your MyBook Live.

I’m not 100% sure but I set a static IP on my MyBook Live for another reason and since then it seems that the Dashboard UI started to operate quicker.

You don’t need SmartWare at all unless you plan to use it for backups. Just about everything else is handled through the WebUI (the Dashboard).

Thanks for the replies guys.

The first thing I did was setup a static IP.  I have since upgraded to the new firmware and the speed is the same.

Let me clarify what I mean by ‘slow’.  When I accesss SHARES, for example, from the web UI it takes ~3-5 seconds to load.  Then, after I make user restrictions to the share and press save, it will take ~10-15 seconds to save.

The transfer speeds are great like I said.  I got my CAT6 cables in, so I will post those once I get it setup.

In terms of the UI though, are you guys experiencing similar speeds of the interface? 

Right. I would class that as a bug too. I’ve had an instance where I was making changes to a user and the Web UI times out with an error but I was still logged in on a SSH Telnet session directly to the Linux operating system and a few ps- AFH commands one after the other showed that the process the Web UI had initiated were still running.

So, the Web UI reported a failure but in the background out of sight and sound the entire process seemed to complete.

I’m noticing there are still quite a number of bugs floating about within the MBL.

Let me clarify that the webUI is never going to be “Fast” - it’s just “Fast-er” with a static IP. I don’t know why it’s so slow, but its a minor inconvience. Hopefully they will speed things up in a future firmware.

Hey Ard, I’ll take it by your comment that you experience similar interface lag?

By what Myron said above, he is also getting intermittent errors. I can live with that, but the slow interface/lag is annoying for the initial setup.

I’m still tweaking it, but once it’s finished and I save the settings to a file I imagine everything will be great. Just gotta push through. I’ll mark the thread as SOLVED, though I’m reluctant to. :smileyvery-happy:

I do indeed see a bit of a lag. It’s annoying, but it’s not the end of the world. Once I set the drive to a static IP it was a lot faster (it took a full minute to switch screens before this) but still not as fast as I’d like. If the drive wasn’t so good it would be a bigger issue than it is, but since you rarely have to go into the Dashboard, it’s nothing more than a minor nuisance to me.