Slow WD Blue 3d NAND 500GB


I just received my brand new Western Digital blue 3D nand 500gb and installed it but after testing it with CrystalDiskMark I found that it’s under performing…

My motherboard is an MSI x570 gaming plus, I tried different SATA ports (3rd to 6th port gave the best results) but I can’t reach close to the advertised speed or the speed shown on different reviews.

(Needless to say that everything is up to date and AHCI is ON.)

Comparison between my SSD and 2 random benchmarks found on the net using the same version of CrystalDisk:

Other benchmarks of my SSD including real world performance test:

What’s the solution? Thanks.

So no solution?.

приветствую.Аналогичная проблема.Кто-нибудь решил ее?