Slow upload speeds

I am having very slow upload speeds on wd2go. I am using Windows Vista and XP with service pack 3, which were shown as compatible. I used the automatic setup for remote access on the dashboard, and reseved the live book’s IP for DHCP on my router. On the dashboard, it says the remote connection is good and port forwarding has been established. Another post in this community said that this is a good sign, so I am wondering why the speeds are still slow.

I upgraded to the latest firmware as well. It is even slow when no other devices are turned on in the network the book is set up on. I have a pretty fast internet speed on both ends. I’ve got another PC connected to a port on my router, and the live book is on the second port, so I am using two ports total. I was not sure if the PC could be using bandwidth that should be going to the live book, but it is not even turned on when I get the slow speeds. Otherwise, I think I have followed the advice in other posts in the community for this issue, so I am looking for suggestions. Thanks. 

What do you mean slow? What speed are you getting? And what is your Internet speed?

Upload speed is 19 kb/s. Internet download speed where the live book is, is 7-8 megs, and at the place I am uploading speed is 2 megs.