Slow Upload speeds < 2mbps into MB Live 4tb

HI all,

I have a problem, having just bought this NAS, i thought it would be great to upload all the stuff I currently have inside my external HDD into the My Book.

I plugged the HDD via the MB Live USB port and I used my Windows explorer to transfer the files inside the ext HDD into the MB Live.

MY problem is that the transfer rate is at 1.5-1.7mbps! THat is too slow. I am currently trying to upload 500gb worth of data into it and it will take ages. SHouldn’t it be faster since the ext HDD is already connected to the MB live?

How should i go about uploading files into it faster?

Much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

If you have the external HDD attached to the MBL via USB and want to transfer files between them, then you need an operation which does directly that, not something which moves the files to a third location before sending it to the target.

By using Windows Explorer to transfer files between the MBL and HDD (as you have it attached via USB to the MBL), the data is travelling from the HDD over the USB2.0 connection to the MBL onboard processor, then to the ethernet connection and onward onto your network to the router, then from the router to your Windows PC, then back to the router, then back to teh MBL ethernet connector, then to the MBL processor, and then finally to be written to teh MBL disks.  That is why your transfer rates are slow. If your Windows PC is wirelessly connected to the router, that decreases the speed even more.

When i transfer  files with large amounts of data between my MBL and a USB attached HDD, i use the command line.  I SSH into the MBL and use the cp function to copy over the data.  This means that the data travels directly from the HDD to the MBL processor and then to the MBL disks. The data does not travel over the router or to my computer.

 If you don’t know what SSH or the command line is, then do some searching on this forum.  The MBL is a Linux running machine.

uh? “I plugged the HDD via the MB Live USB”…

MBL does not have a USB port, wrong forum?

but regardless, what wdlive76 said applies. And based on your speed, it sounds like a wireless connection.

Other option is to connect PC/laptop (with usb HDD) to router via ethernet cable to the same router where MBL is connected to, disable wifi on PC/laptop.