Slow upload from PC to WDTV Live?

Has anyone experienced and/or fixed the following problem?

I’m finding that transferring video from my PC to the WDTV Live has become extremely slow. (I’m using the computer to make the transfer). For example, I transferred a 3GB file and it took almost 2 hours. A similar sized file used to take about 10 minutes. The Windows “Copying” window estimates the time remaining for the transfer. This estimate now bounces up and down. For the example transfer, it constantly bounced from 250 minutes to 150 minutes. I’ve tried smaller video files and am experiencing the same behavior.

I’ve attempted the same transfers from both computers on the network and both exhibit the same slow transfer. Therefore, the problem is common to the WDTV.

If I make the transfer using the “File Management” feature on the WDTV, the transfer takes the normal amount of time.

I can transfer audio files using the computer and they seem to transfer quickly but the file size is much smaller so I may not notice the difference.

I’ve recently upgraded to firmware 1.04.31_V but I can’t be definite that the slowdown occurred immediately after the upgrade.

I have a Windows XP network using an Ethernet wired network. I am able to transfer the same files between computers on the network very quickly.

Any suggestions?

It takes about 15 min/5 GB at my Live, with wired network, newest version. With older versions, the unit got “tired” in a week and so, making transfers extremely slow. A reboot (disconnected power physically) solved the problem. With the newest version it works flawlessly without reboot. Using af mix of XP and Win7, 4 PC’s totally at the net (and a TV and a recorder and a couple of phones …)


I had previously tried to power down and back up but this didn’t help.

However, this morning the system updated to Firmware Version 1.05.04_V and now the transfer speed is back to normal!