Slow transfer?


I replaced my “old” IONITX-based media center with WD TV Live Hub some months ago.

But one thing that still annoys me is, that the file transfer speed from computer to the box is terrible slow… Takes about 33 minutes to transfer a normal MKV 720p movie over ethernet.

My old media center (that also had 5400rpm HDD) could do that in about 10 minutes.

Have anyone else experienced these slow transfer speeds?

The Hub is limited by its processing speed. It’s not a dedicated NAS and does not have the throughput of one (despite the GbE port). My speeds via wifi are 4-6MB/sec. Highest wired speed I’ve seen reported on the forum is 15MB/sec, although most people report rates closer to 10MB/ sec. It’s just slow, so it’s not just you experiencing it. :wink:


It took 10 hours for me to copy 40gb…good thing I wasn’t in a hurry:smileyvery-happy:  I usually just copy files when I sleep at night, so it doesn’t bother me as much.

Gosh… I thought it would make my life easier… Should just have bought the WD TV Live then and use my Firewire+USB HDD with it :slight_smile:

No WiFi also bugs me…