Slow transfer

This is for what ever it’s worth–

I spent several frustrating hours with an extremely slow transfer rate problem.  Did all the three  tests that are built into the diagnostics--   all passed, went to the WD website and downloaded all the links and instructions that seemed to apply.  Did the WinDLG diagnostic program suggested by Customer Support--  it passed.  I must have about 20 or 30 pages of printed instruction downloads, link to link…  nothing worked.  The transfer would take not hours, but days, to creep along. Finally, I decided to start from scratch--  I erased the complete Book, deleted all downloaded files from WD and started over.  Unfortunately, I kept poor track of the exact sequence and  had to reinstall or redue some of the prompts.  It didn’t go smoothly, but somehow I stumbled through to the end and got the stuff installed.

Finally--  everything works fine.  Transfer is fast—   it might have been maybe a half-hour or an hour when I came back to check progress and it was all done!!!  Wow, it worked, and all the files are there.

One of the downloads in this successful process was from WD:  Firmwareupdater.exe  3.3Mb, also WD Smartware upgrader (34,129kb/37,556 Kb) dated 9/19/2012.  This was done on a PC having Windows 7-64 bit, and the WD product involved was WD My Book 930 GB, 1110USB, product ID 1110, having firmware revision 2.018.

In the end, it transferred 387,067 files or 25.64 Gb in a very fast time (maybe a half hour--  I didn’t keep accurate time).

So--  hours of frustration--  but finally the WD Book Essential performed flawlessly.  My only regret is not keeping good track of  what I did in detail so that I could effortlessly repeat the process if I ever had to do it again--  and also help others with this same slow-transfer problem.

Wrong forum – The My Book Essentials in a USB disk.  The My Book Live is a Network drive.