Slow transfer speed

hey all

i have 2TB my cloud and i upload 104gb and its take 5-6 hours from the wd software

when i want to download file from wd2go its take 10min for 12mega files(if the download not failed)

i have gigabyte router: edimax BR-6478Gn

my modem connect to the router with ethernet cable

my cloud and my pc connect to the router with ethernet cable

what i need to do? its very

How fast is your internet “upload” speed?   That’s going to be the deciding factor.

15mbps download

0.70 - 1 mbps upload

(by speed test)

Yeah, if you’re trying to copy 100 gig over the internet, it’s definitely going to take hours and hours.

100gig = 100000megabytes = 800000 megabits.

At 15 mbps, (800000/15)= 53333 seconds which equals 15 hours.

To download the 12 meg file:

12 megabytes =~ 100 megabits.

At 1mbps, that’s several minutes (assuming 100% utilization of the network.)