Slow transfer speed


I have a few years old WD MyBook Live 2TB and I haven’t used it much since I bought it (new).

The problem is, that transfering speed is ultra slow. It can’t go past 4MB/s and that’s max. And after all, I even tried connecting it directly to my pc via LAN, but still no chances going beond 4MB/s … My USB 2.0 is faster.

I heard this product has really bad processing unit inside and thats the reason for all that, but still, has anyone figured out after all those years, how to fix this problem? After all with that slow transfer rate, it’s unusable…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I get at least 10x that speed…  It’s not the MBL that’s slow, 

Well, what is then? I’m using utp cable which was included in the box and I have Broadcom 802.11 ac adapter in a laptop with i7 4700HQ and 16gb of ram… I don’t see the problem on my side. And like i said, i connected it straight in to the laptop, so no router between.

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