Slow transfer speed


After extensive research i zeroed on WD My passport essential usb3.0 1TB.

But it gives a poor transfer speed of around 15mbps. My laptop has usb 2.0 port.

but still i was expecting a decent speed of 30mbps. Kindly suggest why the speed is so low and if there are any softwares available to increase the speed.



15 mbps sounds about like USB 2 speed. Are you sure your USB 3 is working properly? There appear to be plenty of problems with it especially if you added it with a addon card. Make sure your drivers are all up to date. Also try disabling your AV software and see if that is causing a slowdown.


I have already mentioned my laptop is not usb 3.0 compatible.

Please elaborate AV software you mentioned. And is 15mbps a decent speed for usb 2.0 port?

Yeah 15-18 mbps is about the norm for USB 2 on large files. 30-40 is what you frequently see on USB 3. The theoretical USB speeds listed are just that. Many things can affect transfer speed. Drive speed of the 2 drives, AV and other security software and file size to name a few. On a desktop using a port on the back sometimes works better.