Slow transfer speed on usb3.0

Please help. I have an elements 2TB USB 3.0 external drive, and the transfer is very slow. When I start the copying of files (music or videos of varying sizes) it takes ages to calculate the time, and when it does start to copy over I get a transfer speed of between 233KB/s and 177KB/s, but not long after goes to 0KB/s and comes up more than 24 hours estimated time. It occasionally jumps up to the above speed but then goes straight back down to zero again. I have checked and I have 2 x 3.0 USB ports on my windows 10 laptop and the drivers are currently up to date.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


I recommend you try using another USB 3.0 cable and if possible also use another computer just for troubleshooting purposes.

hi man i have the same problem only i drope it a week ago any idea to fix this problem it so irritating

First of all, try replacing the old USB cable with new ones and check if it affects the speed. Further, mechanical hard drives are quite sensitive and prone to physical failure or crash. Mechanical shock, corrupt drivers, improper use, or mishandling of drive or system can cause disk errors that can lead to logical corruption, mechanical failure, and physical crash.

Below are the few ways to check and ensure hard disk health:

  • Check SMART status
  • Physical inspection of the drive
  • Run CHKDSK scan
  • Check Read/Write speed test
  • Defragment the drive
  • Update the drives driver

Hope this will help you out.