Slow transfer rate between My Book drives

Windows 7. The drives are on USB 3 ports. I have a 3TB drive. I just bought a 4TB drive. When copying from the 3TB to the 4TB Windows shows the speed as 168 MB/sec at the start, but it slows down so after a couple of minutes it shows 32.1 MB/sec. Is this normal? What could I do to improve the speed?

More problems. I was copying about 900 GB. After about an hour it failed, first saying it could not find the source file, then it couldn’t find the destination. It had about 7 hours left to copy.

My computer is a Dell I got used a few weeks ago. I went to the Dell website and it checked ny computer and found I needed 3 drivers. I installed them and now my USB3 ports are running at USB3 speed, not USB2 speed. A copy is currently running at 140 MB/sec. Problem solved.