Slow transfer from WD Elements 4tb drive to WD Cloud

I have a 4TB Elements drive connected directly to the USB port on the My Cloud drive.

My issue is that I can only get a 1.5M transfer speed when other transfers from a different machine to My Cloud usually runs at 5M or better.

Why is a direct transfer so slow?

(I am transfering movies from My Cloud to the Elements drive)

How are you doing the transfer?  Are you transfering using windows explorer?  Or a similiar program on a mac?

If you are usig idows explorer.  Then the data is being read from the my cloud sent to the PC and then sent to

the external drive.  I think if you were to SSH into the My Cloud and copy the file would be faster.


PS if I’m wrong would someone please correct me.


Thanks for the speedy response…

I am using Windows 8.1 on my laptop or Windows 7 on my local network server for my file management.  Everyting goes over WiFi.  I have TP-Link Gigbit USB3 as my connectivity pon each machine via a Netgear N600 duel router.

I figured it mwas makeing the round trip but when I go from machine to machine I get 5M or better speeds.  It is ONLY whne I am going from the directly connected Element drive to the My Cloud drive do I get such slow speeds.

Pardon my ignorance but what does SSH mean?

I am copying files from /My Cloud/Public/Shared Videos/ … to /My Cloud/Movies/Comedy/…



When you copy from the PC to the My Cloud you do a single read on the My Cloud and a write on the PC.  Data is only

flowing in one direction.  When you transfer from the My Cloud to the external drive.  You have to read the My Cloud.  Send

the data to the PC.  Then send the data back to the My Cloud.  Then send the data too the external drive.  This is twice

as much traffic over the ethernet network.

The SSH is a secure shell comand.  It allows you to login to the My Cloud.  You can then use the cp command to copy

files from one folder to another folder.  Which would transfer at usb speed rather than wifi speed.


How do I do an SSH transfer then? What is the command line?


Do you have any friedns that understand linux?  You need a program called putty for windows.  Now sure what the probram would be for Mac’s.

Use putty to ssh into the My Cloud.  Login as root.  With a password of welc0me.  Which is the defaut password.  You

should change the default password.  Once logged in.  You can do the following.

cd /


These two commands will show you what folders are on the My Cloud.  Once you know the folders.  You can

do the following.


Source  file being the full name of the file  ie /nfs/Public/


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Thanks for the assist.

I took a different approach for now… I took the My Cloud and Elements drives and plugged the directly into my laptop.  Iwas then able to transfer files from the cloud drive (connected using the cat5) and the Elements was connected via the USB.  I was able to get transfer speeds of 28M and better.

Thanks for the help though. I’ll keep it in mind for next time.


Supposedly if you use the WD MY Cloud app on a smartphone/tablet or the WD My Cloud Desktop software to copy or move files back and forth between the WD My Cloud and the attached USB storage on the My Cloud the copying goes much faster than using Windows Explorer on the PC (or similar application on the Mac) to move files between the two locations.

The user manual says that if you are transferring large amounts of data from a USB drive to the MyCloud, to connect the USB drive to the PC, not the MyCloud USB port…

I’ve found that even using SSH login, and using unix cp command, I didn’t get a good speed to/from the external USB. I think I concluded that the USB driver firmware in the MyCloud is just slow…