Slow to Copy Files to Drive + Xbox doesn't see Twonky Media Server

Hey I just got my MyBook Live and I’m new to NAS technology, I know some about computers but little about networking.

My problem is when I copy a file to the drive via wifi from my desktop it transfers at ~500kbps which is obviously horrible. When I plug my PC up with a direct connection to the router I can copy at ~11MBps which I’m ok with but I really need to be able to load via wifi. 

Some info that may or may not aid in the diagnostic:

  • Router is a 2wire 2701HG-B (This is a 802.11g - Do I need an N for decent speed?)

  • My NIC does support N and it is enabled

  • The issues exists the exact same on my Laptop

I will edit this post as I attempt to figure it out - but for now I have to get some work done.

I’ll get an email when a reply is posted and will most likely reply within 10 minutes if I am available.

Thanks for any help you may provide!

*EDIT - I’m also having a horrible time attempting to get my xbox 360 to see the Twonky Media Server. The server shows the xbox as a device but when I go into the 360 it doesn’t show the NAS as an option to serve media… Does anyone have a good step by step guide for this? There are just too many variables to figure it out (password or no password what folders to point to what media type to select do I need more software on my pc etc etc). I verifyed that the files can be downloaded to another computer from the server.

There’s many thing that have to be taking in to consideration. The signal quality ( as you  have tested ) will decrease a lot the signal quality. 

You’ll need to check if there are things that are blocking the signal. Also make sure if you can test the speed with any other device. You internet service provider might be able to give some pointers on what to do to increase the strength over wifi.

Wireless N should indeed provided a faster transfer rate but the ones you have posted are not decent for Wireless G.

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I tried taking a laptop and placing it right next to the router to see if there was a significant increase in transfer speed. I got a max of 750kbs which still seems slow. 

 So it seems as though its an issue with the configuration of the router? I’ve got a shiney new router that is on its way via mail that I won in a contest so hopefully it will work better then this ■■■■ one AT$T provided. Plus I’ll get a fresh start on configuration.

Now I just gotta figure out what I’m doing wrong with Twonky.