Slow TM backup


I hope you are still monitoring this forum. I read your post and found it very useful. I went through all your trouble shooting steps. All result in, I am connecting to by WDMyCloud at gigibit rates. However, I was never able to get anywhere near gigibit speeds, best I could get was about 10-20 MB/s. If I do as you say and map the device as a drive, I get more than double that with spikes to 4 times. I am running on Mac OS x 10.11.01. In finder I see my drive as WDMyCloud. If I click on that, I see my shares and if I click on a share it gets mounted (as afp://…). If I map it as you say, “connect to server”, my shares get mounted as smb://… Since my TM backup is running so slow, I suspect it is mounted as afp. Bow can I get it mounted as smb, and how do I tell?

You can send him a PM as well in order to contact him.

Good idea. Just did. Thank you.

Found this. I guess that answers my question about TM and AFP/SMB. I’ve tried using TM on another NAS (Goflex Home) without much success. Thought I would give my WDMyCloud a try. All the time I have spent playing with this over the years comes down to - TM on NAS is iffy at best.

Finally, gave up. It was very slow. Took several days to backup something around 500-700GB, and then it would never finish, backedup and to backup endlessly increased. TM is a good concept, but not ready for primetime on a NAS. At least on a non-Apple NAS. I have no experience with time capsule. I have other backup strategies that work very well.