Slow startup when MyBook Essential is connected

When my system starts up with MyBook Essential hooked up the Windows System startup is slow (Windows 7 64-bit). If I disconnect the MyBook, the system starts up very fast. If I shutdown the computer, then hook the MyBook up to a different USB port, it starts up fast at least one time, but on the next reboot it is slow once again!

I have checked my BIOS settings, and Boot from usb is selected last ( I do not have option to diable it).

I have searched a lot on internet about slow usb startup issues, but have not found a solution.

(Edit/Addition original post: I have no issues with another PC that is running Windows 7 64-bit. I also have since replaced the MyBook Essential with a MyBook Elite and the same problem exists as described above. Somehow could this be related the HP Pavillion model dv6500? The MyBook Elite is listed last in the boot order, and the setup management does not allow it to be disabled from any use on the HP Pavillion)

My Book Essential and Elite should behave same.

If PC’s BIOS doesn’t have USB boot disable option, you maybe stuck with this problem.

Not sure why disable option in BIOS is not there.

Win7 64bit has nothing to do with this issue.

I bought last week a brand new HP Elite 8000 Business Edition PC with a brandnew WD My Book 1tB and have the same problem…

I checked the Bootup devices in Bios and put thje Esata drive as first boot device and the USB as last (No change in behaviour)

The problem: Slow boot in Bios and also very slow slow booting OS ( I tried  both options eg. windows 7 / XP SP3 ) it takes 4 a 5 minutes when booting without Mybook then the starts up within 25 seconds.

I contacted HP Business support and they told me that they don’t support WD My Book so I’m very anxious to know how this possible and more a solution from WD



The Netherlands