Slow start with new firmware?

Since the recent firmware update, my WDTV Live needs way over a 1 minute to start. Is this normal?

With starting, I mean powering up and down via the remote control only, but not pulling the power cord. My WDTV Live stays connected to power at all times - all I do is turning it on and off through the remote control. Before the update, the WDTV Live was ready in less than, say, 5 seconds. Now it takes way over a minute before I see anything but the blue segemented waiting circle animation.

Otherwise, the firmware update for my 1st generation WDTV Live went pretty fine, unlike other reports,  and I would say overall it is an improvment:

  • Videos from my DLNA server plays as they did before, except that fast forward / rewind is much more smooth now. :smileyvery-happy:
  • YouTube Leanback took me while before I undestood how to use it, in order to get all the old functionality back. Now that I learned how it works, it is much of an improvement due to high-resolution videos again (I would still prefer the original firmware that did YouTube in HD, since Leanback has a weird navigation and unskippable ads). :smiley:
  • My only gripe is that they still didn’t fix the random playback - random still hops around among the same subset of pictures or songs, rather than the entrie playlist, but that is no worse than the previous firmware. :neutral_face:

I did not try a full factory reset yet, which I know fixes all kind of weird problems after firmware updates. I will try that if everyone elses WDTV Live wakes up faster than mine - that’s why I ask here. Thanks!

My Live Plus takes about the same amount of time to start up. The Live Plus actually shuts off fully when you power off. However, I think that the Live version does not really power fully off when you shut it down. It goes into standby mode when you press the power button momentarily, and it fully shuts off when you hold the power button down for a longer period of time. Could this be what is happening to you?

Disclaimer: I am going from memory here, and I am not sure if the Live version still works the same way with the new firmware. Maybe someone else can confirm/deny what I said about standby mode vs fully powering off.

No, I don’t think that I press the toggle power button any longer than I did before the update. The reason why I am so sure, is that I use a Logitech Harmony universal remote, which at a single short press sends a whole makro series of commands to power up/down all my devices, and it did not change the Harmoy’s programming, so the duration of each IR command is exactly the same as before the WDTV Live update.

Anyone else? How long does it take your WDTV Live to wake from standby?

If you can, I would try the actual WD remote. See if that works properly. Even though the Harmony remote did not change, the new firmware might have different timings regarding the remote.

Just for the record:

  • the original remote showed no different behaviour
  • reset to factory settings via the menu (not the hardware button) fixed the problem

My 1st generation WD TV Live now start within a blink of an eye, as before the update. Everything is fine now (except for the age-old problem of random play still being non-random, of course).