Slow Speeds from new My Passport drive


I recently purchased the 2TB My Passport drive; while it does work, the speeds were only 35 MB/s, while the drive has been benchmarked hitting around 90MB/s online. I reinstalled my USB 3.0 drivers thinking this might help the problem, instead, it has made it worse. The drive now only works at around 13 MB/s. Any suggestions? I have a Dell XPS L702x, and I’m making sure to use the drive with the USB 3.0 ports marked SS on the laptop.

What firmware do you have ?

You can update the firmware and see if it helps

I have updated to the latest firmware for the hard drive, the problem has not been solved. Any other suggestions?

Test the drive with HD Tune or Data Lifeguard Diagnostics

Heavily fragmented disk might perform at slower speed, defrag the partition

also test on a different computer to see if the problem is on the USB root hub

update the drivers for the USB controller

The drive has checked out every diagnostic test, it is a new hard drive and is thus not fragmented. As I said, I updated the drivers for my USB controller, which caused the problem to get even worse. Do you have any other suggestions?

Try another computer if possible

Had you checked the files you’re trying to transfer was actually compressed or was it either one of the HDD was actually compressed?